How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams

We are dedicating the entire week to the most cynical industry in the world: love. Why cynical? ‘Get the man of your dreams in three easy steps!’ ‘Get the man you want!’ ‘Ready! Set! Grab that Man!’ These could be books out there. Their titles are not that far-fetched. If they are being published it is because there is a market and not because of its contribution to literature. Have we arrived at such a point where we would desperately seek the advice of people like JWoww? The numbers do not lie.

I was trying to do research on this subject and just Googled one of those stupid titles on top. Some suggestions that were proposed for women looking to find the man of their dreams were ‘Show off your body’, ‘Dirty Talk’, ‘Wear fewer clothes’, ‘Be different’, ‘Be quiet’, ‘Know your role’. If you are a female at least one of these suggestions had to offend your sensibilities. In other words, ‘Be a whore and shut your mouth!’ Jesus Christ!

All of these suggestions are either provided to you by single chicks who are self-promoted professional mistresses or singles gurus. The other people are usually guys who have taken their years of failure and funneled it into spewing hate on all single women. The simple truth to all of this is that there is no sure fire way of getting a guy. There is no four step method to landing the man of your dreams. Sadly, this is not a recipe and your integrity is not something you should be losing before you attempt to establish a relationship.

What I usually suggest to women and men who want to find love are the following easy and not so easy steps. (Yes, I am about to give my full-proof method for trapping a lover along with different knots and mechanical tethering methods to keep them captive).

1. Clear the decks: As long as you are harboring pain and distrust for the opposite sex because you were hurt, you will not find love. More importantly, you are not ready for love and any relationship you do create is destined to fail. I know that is harsh but it is true. You are secreting an anti-pheromone. You will attract only people who wish to continue to harm you or those who feel like they should be hurt.

2. Be open to the possibility: Dr. Wayne Dyer, the father of motivation, says, “The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are. Most people’s mistake in trying to apply the law of attraction is they want things; they demand things. But God doesn’t work that way. It’s all about allowing.” Decide to allow love to enter your life.

3. There is no rush: Love does not have an expiration date (use by). We rush into a relationship and then quickly have sex and then create these fantasies of the future and then get upset that we are not matching up with our dreams. Let love evolve naturally.

4. Choose to love: This is the CoupleDumb mantra. We tell you to do this in relationship, in singlehood and even when you are driving your car. Choosing to love is a deliberate thing where you create your world. People do not ‘fall in love’ like tripping over a branch. We make a conscious decision to love and allow others to love us.  Love is an act of responsibility and not victimhood. There is no clumsiness involved.

No one is asking you to debase yourself, change or shake your jelly. Be the best ‘you’ you can be and live your life. If love comes around then be open to it and choose to let it evolve in its own time then love then choose to love. Consider this free and easy advice.

And on a parting note for this auspicious day, please, love yourself! You are awesome! Love and Kisses, CoupleDumb.


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