How not to get hooked by a catfisher

…and other ideas to not get duped.

We have all been duped somehow in relationship. If you have reached your 30’s and have never been duped in some way then you are either a nun or are in the process of being duped. We know this sounds cynical but if we are to agree that being duped is ‘lied to’ then you see why we make the assertions we do. If we are to place being lied to on a relationship continuum, on one end we would have little white lies like your weight or, maybe, experience. On the other end of the continuum, we would see uglier lies like infidelity but the ugliest lie of all is lying about who you are.

How not to get hooked:

We no longer live in world where the Encyclopedia Britannica and the local library are your only sources of information. With the internet, we have the world of information at our finger tips. And no, we are not advocating running a full government background check on everyone you meet but there is no reason to feel uneasy about someone if you can do a simple Google check. Follow this simple guideline to check people out (We made it ourselves.)

Google is your friend

Cyber stalking is an ugly word but the reality is that being lied to after a while is your choice. Your gut will tell you there is something wrong and if not that, your friends will be able to see more clearly than you. Please remember, if you actually are in love with someone, and you are able to be in a committed relationship (you know, you aren’t in jail, already married, trapped in a computer a la Tron), then nothing should keep you apart.

If you have nothing to hide then you would show up.

If you are not ashamed of yourself, you show up.

If you have a soul, you would never hurt someone like this.

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