How Do You Spell Stress?

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We talk about it all the time and yet most of us are unaware of how it works and what controls it. CoupleDumb will give you the tools today to manage your stress in such a way that you will never complain again. Seriously. We can do this. And, we can even make it fun!

S- Sympathetic System- Your sympathetic nervous system is part of your autonomic nervous system along with enteric and parasympathetic. This system is basically your fight or flight system. This system governs our responses to stressors. In other words, this is the system that we need to understand to be able to manage stress better. Our sympathetic system says ‘FIGHT’ and our parasympathetic says ‘OH SHIT! I’M OUTTA HERE!’ Responding to stressors is based on how we have always done it and how we were taught was appropriate. Being aware of this is the first step in dealing with stress.

T- Time- The biggest foe and friend of stress is time. With time, you can mentally disassemble the stressor and make it manageable. In the therapy biz we call it ‘reframing’, while marketers would call it ‘spin’. Take the stressor and spin it to a positive. Stress killer! However, if you allow the parasympathetic system to take over and run away from the issue, time will wear away at you until you are a nub.

R- Rest- Stress is worse when you are tired. So sleep. Not too much as to rival Rip Van Winkle but give your body a break.

E- Ego- Sometimes we find that our ego has such a hold on us that we make messed up decisions to save ‘face’. Here’s the deal with the ego; the ego only cares about itself and does not care a fig about you. Killing the ego is a process but silencing it in times where you are stressed is gained only when you make yourself a priority. Making yourself a priority does not mean that you are protecting your reputation (ego) but making choices that are healthy for your mind, body and spirit. Through meditation, mindfulness and selflessness, we can overcome the ego-needs which produce and retain so much stress.

S- Sex- Yeah, we know, this could lead to addiction but, let’s face it, an orgasm does wonders on stress.

S- Sweat- Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress (see sex!) The best lesson you can learn here is that stress is to your muscles what drugs are to your brain. Cleaning out the toxic stress with some good old sweaty exorcise is a healthy way of dealing.

Wasn’t that easy?

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