How Do You Show Love?

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Showing your love is the ‘work’ we hear about when discussing relationships. CoupleDumb maintains that relationships shouldn’t be back breaking work. We feel that much of the exertion that people feel when it pertains to marriage is really fighting their need to be selfish. That sounded harsh but in reality it is meant to be. We want to be loved but fear loving. We want to feel taken care of but fear caring for someone in case we lose ourselves. We want to have our needs met but fear that meeting someone else’s needs will make us weak or whipped. Being considerate of your partner/spouse is hardly the co-dependent behavior of someone who is a doormat.

Consideration is being mindful of your partner’s/spouse’s desires, preferences and dreams. Knowing this is vital to making a relationship work. This is hardly bringing her a bouquet of roses daily or greeting him at the door with a martini, high heels and a smile. Now, this does not mean you don’t do those things if you want to but it is not a necessary thing every day. Consideration is really the little things….

  • It’s DVRing his favorite movie.
  • It’s washing your dish when you have a snack in the middle of the night
  • It’s texting a good luck or I love you when you know they are stressed.
  • It’s buying them basketball gear and telling them to go play with their friends.
  • It’s remembering to bring them a cigar when you go on a mini-vacation.
  • It’s coming up behind your husband when he is making dinner and hugging him (maybe groping too).
  • It’s letting your partner sleep in while you take the kids out.
  • It’s remembering to buy the cheese he likes or not wearing that cologne anymore because it makes her gag.
  • It is smiling more and bitching less.
  • It is understanding that there are some things he/she will never be able to do and never starting an argument based on their inability to do that.
  • It is choosing to love your partner when they make a mistake.
  • It is remembering that this is a commitment not a childhood crush.

There are a million different things you can do to be considerate to your partner/spouse.

What do you do?

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  • CarissaRogers

    Love your list! My favorite thing to ‘be nice’ is to call up my hubs when I know the kids and I are having a late afternoon or staying at a friend’s late or whatever to let him know he can ‘stay late’ at work with our permission and blessing. It’s always a huge sigh of relief to him to ‘get’ to stay late with no recourse from us once in a while. 🙂
    And what is the Glad wrap about in that photo?? keeping the carpet clean??

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