How do you fix what’s seems broken?

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CoupleDumb believes in happy relationships. Occasionally, a couple will go through a rough patch that will test the relationship to the core. A death, infidelity, financial issues, a birth, a change of any kind, a lie and a million other issues can test the strength of any relationship.


How do you fix what’s seems broken?

First, if there is a solid foundation anything can be fixed. If you look at a relationship as a car, we know that as long as the axel is fine, fixing a crashed car is possible. It is when we damage the foundation that harder work needs to be done. In the case of infidelity, this can be damaging to the foundation of a commitment since one of you has chosen to defile and break their vows. Infidelity can be devastating but millions of couples have overcome it. Sure, most of those have stayed married after infidelity fail to address their issues and chose to ignore rather than address their problems. But, there are many who have looked at the infidelity and systematically tracked down the source of how and why it happened and both take responsibility for their part.

That is the secret to rebuilding.

1. Both are committed to staying together and working it out.

2. Both are willing to look at their issues honestly and openly.

3. Both are willing to take responsibility for what happened to hurt the relationship.

4. Both are willing to recommit.

5. Both are willing to do things differently in the future.

If one or both of you have any issues with these steps then the relationship will not survive.

This is why we are always talking about foundation. When we build a relational foundation, part of it needs to include how you will deal with conflict. If you commit from the beginning that arguing is off the table and that honest communication is the way you will address any issue, you have already ensured yourself that you will never have to walk around egg shells in your own home.

The best part is that it is not too late. You can do this right now! Couples who recommit to each other are also usually ensured of a happily ever after.

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