Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

The Holiday Season is all about the kids. Seeing your kid’s face open up a gift is worth all the stress of the season. This year, we have some really awesome toys that we want you to see that will last for a very long time.

Ezy Roller by Ezy Roller 

We have two boys ages 5 and 8 and they think the Ezy Roller is the coolest. It is super easy to ride and, as our 5 year old says, “It makes my heart beat really fast!”  While my older son rides his bike, Ricky can move along right next to him. Also, living in the mountains, the Ezy Roller seems safer on the hilly roads. Best part, they can share!


Plan Toys Dancing Alligator by Plan Toys

Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board by Plan Toys


Parents know that a toy will have many incarnations in their lifetimes. Blocks will be stacked by babies, knocked down by toddlers and used to build forts for older kids. A good toy has many lives and a sturdy well-made toy will live forever. Plan Toys are these kids of toys. They are made in the most environmentally favored ways and will last.

Cuddleuppet by Cuddleuppets

It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone loves to cuddle. CuddleUppets are the perfect blanket/toy for a kid to bring with them on long trips. They pack away easily and roll out to be a comfy blanket or cute puppet! We like to bring them on airplanes. They fit perfectly attached to our boy’s backpacks and are just as easy to wash.


Fisher-Price TRIO Hot Wheels Stunt Ramp Builder

We love building sets for kids. Whether they are boys or girls, Fisher Price Trio’s has a set for them. Building enhances a child’s spatial ability and mathematical reasoning. Also, their imagination is constantly at challenged when they ask themselves, “what do I build now?” Sure, my boys are always building robots and laser beams but their creativity is boundless. Trio’s do not pinch or hurt as much as other building materials since their edges are smooth.

LeapFrog TAG Reading System by LeapFrog

This is just an amazing way of providing a fun support when your child is learning to read. We used this with our 5 year old who went from recognizing letter to reading within 2 months. Now, he uses his tag on new books to read “in his head” while the TAG system reads aloud. It is an aid but it does not do all the work. It just makes it more fun. My son often is found sitting on the floor reading with his TAG. Afterwards, he can read the books all by himself.

As you can see, all the toys we chose are the kind that will either enhance the mind or body. Video games are great but a strong body and imagination will last them a lifetime.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwaanza and Happy Chanukkah!

We were given an Ezy Roller, Plan Toys and Cuddleuppet for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are ours or our kids which also belong to us.

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