We know that hydration is important. We know that drinking water is an important part of staying healthy and feeling good. However, sometimes, water does not hit the spot. Some companies have toyed with flavoring the water but have also stuck us with sugar we didn’t need or want in our hydrating beverage. Hint is completely different. Hint is flavored water with no sugar.

          The nice people at Hint sent us a sample of their waters. We put our 17 year old to work and asked for her opinion as well. Jeannie’s verdict? She liked them! She was not fond of the watermelon flavor but enjoyed the rest, especially the pomegranate-tangerine. We all agreed that the waters taste better chilled. You don’t miss the sugar! The good news is that you can pick up Blackberry at your local Starbucks.

          Thanks to Hint for sending us the variety pack of water. No other remuneration was exchanged if you don’t count pleasant emails. Our opinion is our own and trained psy-ops operatives cannot make us change them.

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