Heating Our House

I am thinking of buying a chainsaw. Since we live in the mountains and have basically the cabin in the woods, I need firewood. Heating our house with gas is expensive as heck. Last winter we spent about $400 per month. Firewood helps a lot but the idea of buying wood when it is all around us is kind of annoying. I can go outside with a chainsaw and get my own wood for free.

I bought an ax last year. You know what? Cutting wood with an ax is really, really hard. So know I am looking at letting technology do the work for me. Here is the problem. I went to the SherrillTree website and realized that I have no clue about chainsaws. There are some that are great for the skilled logger. I am not a skilled logger. I am not even at the level of woefully unskilled logger.

What I am looking for is something very quiet that can cut a piece of wood about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. It needs to be light and easy. Remember, I am not talking about cutting down a tree. I need something that is going to make a big fallen branch into a small fallen branch.

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