Heart Of Haiti

          A year ago, we experienced a scare. The Haiti Earthquake hit and we sat at home wondering if everyone we knew was alright. Living in South Florida, we are lucky to have a strong Haitian American community and have created great friendships. One of our closest friends is Haitian American. Her parents spend most of the year traveling back and forth from their homeland. When the earthquake hit, we weren’t sure who was where. A call to our friend had us waiting on a call back. Meanwhile we waited for our other friend who is Haitian to contact anyone to tell us she was fine. She lives in Haiti and works in social services.

          The first week was excruciating. Once we established that our friend’s father was in Haiti and had not been heard from, the waiting turned to praying. After a very tense week, we were all lucky to have all of our loved ones returned to us; their homes having had some damage but nothing that couldn’t be easily remedied.

          A year later, Haitians are still unable to receive the raw materials to make products and work is scarce. This is why Heart of Haiti was established. The program offers a sustainable income to the artisans of Haiti. In return, we have the opportunity to purchase precious works of art from talented Haitian individuals. You can go to  http://bit.ly/HeartofHaiti-ShopforABetterWorld to check out all of the cool art that these artisans are producing. Or check out the http://www.macys.com/heartofhaiti like this gorgeous, handcrafted metal tray.

          I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

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