Heart Of Haiti

The holidays for us are a time of great tradition. Traditions are important for family bonding; it is a family ritual that coincides with a special day. As a family, our traditions include a whole pig for Christmas Eve, Paul’s baking for Christmas Day and 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s. Our traditions define us as a family.

In the last few years, our traditions have incorporated ideas of global citizenship. We are blessed to be safe and sound in our lovely homes. We are blessed to have a supportive and loving family. So, the idea of sharing that with the world is the least we can do. Our focus has been to give our time and support to Haiti relief. One of our favorite organizations to give back to is the Heart of Haiti.

Heart of Haiti directly affects Haitian artisans. Since the devastating earthquake in 2010, has made finding work or making a living impossible. Heart of Haiti remedies that and also connects Haitian Artists with American designers. The point is this is not a handout; it is an opportunity. Macy features the products created by Heart of Haiti and supports this cause.

This year Heart of Haiti and Clever Girls sent us two Stars of Haiti. This wonderful, unique piece was a beautiful addition to our family Christmas tree. It was obviously handmade and we had the opportunity to tell our family and friends about the project. We also had the opportunity of giving one to the mother of our friend who lost her home in Haiti. We felt that instead of a giveaway, we would give it to an individual who understands the devastation and could see that something beautiful is still produced in Haiti.

We will continue to support the cause of Haitian relief and Heart of Haiti. Art is a vital part of any society and brings joy to so many. Give the gift of joy with a unique piece from Macy’s Heart of Haiti collection.

Thanks to Clever Girls and Heart of Haiti for the lovely stars. All opinions are our own.

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