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As one gets older, it becomes apparent that the occasional vitamin C or shot of wheatgrass at a natural food store isn’t enough to keep everything working smoothly. Making sure that I am taking something to promote my health while making sure it doesn’t interfere with my gut health in addition to taking the appropriate enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants to promote wellness and energy sounds like a full time job! This is why I am very happy to promote and write about AltoViva Supplements because they provide all of that and more.

AltoViva Supplements   Blood Type Diet

What sets AltoViva Supplements apart from all of the other products is that they are formulated to work with your blood type. Certain blood types require more or less of certain health promoting supplements. AltoViva took this knowledge and formulated their product for all blood types and explains how we are different and what we need to keep our bodies working at optimal levels.  Specifically, when the gut is healthy then the other supplements can actually work.

The formulation specifically provides the following supplements:

  • Synbiotics: Probiotics + prebiotics to support digestive health and a healthy immune system
  • Multivitamin and mineral blend to promote healthy energy and vitality
  • Enzymes and amino acids to support cellular health
  • Herbal and antioxidant whole food extracts to help maintain whole body wellness and a healthy aging process


With gut health and overall immunological wellness, the energy and vitality we need to maintain an active lifestyle and robust life is well within our grasps.

I began taking AltoViva Supplements in January, during cold and flu season. While the rest of the world was complaining of congestion, I was taking walks. While the rest of the world was agonizing over post-holiday stomach issues, I was enjoying the new restaurant down the street. In a matter of days, I noticed a difference in my energy and was sleeping better, too!

The supplement is easy to take- you simply mix it with your favorite green drink or juice and drink it up. I made it part of my morning routine right after my meditation and before my coffee. All you need to do is know your blood type and order the product. If you don’t know your blood type, the great people of AltoViva will send you a test kit that you can do at home for a less than $10.

Getting older doesn’t mean we have to slow down. AltoViva is making sure I have the get –up-and-go I need to keep up with my routine.

This is a paid review – we received the product and compensation for this post. All opinions, as always, are ours.

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