Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I hate having roommates. I really, really hate having to share my house with people I don’t necessarily live the same way as but you know, things are hard to afford by yourself! I’m really happy that I own this condo because I know it’s a good investment and I really hated wasting money on rent. But at the same time, I hate having to come home to my roommate’s dog on the couch and her boyfriend coming in at all hours of the night and man, our neighbor’s loud music. The thing is, this is a stepping stone to a real, single-family home and if that’s the goal I can live with working towards it! I really wish I wouldn’t have to chase my roommate down to get her rent check and her utility payment and I’ve even gone so far as to look at electric companies in dallas to get it down to a rate she said she can afford. I really want to talk to her about the dog issue but you know, there are times when I know I have to pick my battles with her. She pays rent and it’s hard to get a tenant in this neighborhood on short notice so I really don’t want to rock the boat if that might mean I would be in a worse position. My mom said she’d pay for her room but that’s the last thing that I want – I bought this place to be more independent and to stand on my own two feet so I really don’t need my parents sticking their necks in it! I loved living alone all throughout college but you know, there are times when I actually LIKE getting home and having to chat with someone and also sharing a bathroom. Those little interactions are things I look forward to most of the time so it’s really just a trade off. Owning your own home is more complicated than I ever gave it credit for, that’s for sure!

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