Have Good Sex

Sex is not the end-all and be-all of a relationship but the lack of it in a relationship is very telling. When a couple is not having sex, this can be an indicator of an imbalance in life. Work, children or general life stress becomes more press than having conjugal relations with your partner. Lack of sex can also be a symptom of something more severe. It can show that one of the partners is missing trust, urge or a feeling of safety.

When talking about a passionless relationship, we are not detailing a situation where the couple went from making love 5 times a week to only doing it 4 times a week. That kind of attrition is associated with normal life schedules and age. This topic is when a couple does not have sex for weeks, maybe months. That is a relationship issue.

We believe that people should be happy. This is an attainable goal. Good sex is a part of this. When people look at their subjective well-being, they are reporting the overall well-being of their life, including health, happiness, sex, and money. It is part of the balance of living a healthy existence. Be healthy. Be happy. Have good sex. Love the person that you are with.

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