Happy New Year from CoupleDumb

We toast with all of you. To a Wonderful New Year.

          As we say goodbye to 2009 and get ready for 2010, CoupleDumb takes a look at the year that kicked ass! We started our humble blog on January 19, 2009. Prior to this, our experience with blog writing was nil. In fact, we only became acquainted with blogs the month before. We are writers who happen to blog now. Lee has written a couple of novels and is working on her third while Paul has one novel under his belt and is easily one of the best writers out there. The blog was a way to establish a writing platform. We never expected the response we received nor did we expect that we would love writing about relationships. So consider this the ‘best of’ and shit you should have learned over the past year. It’s like the review before the final. Oh, we will be asking those hard questions and Paul will bring up random trivia like why do they name cows ‘Bossy’?

          Most hit post: Product Review: ‘Would you like some KY Jelly with that?’ January 22, 2009

          This is the post where Lee introduced ‘Minty Muff’ to the English speaking lexicon. Since the post, we think KY has added Minty Muff to their commercials (we kid, but it probably would be a good idea since women really don’t need to be surprised with that peppermint patty feeling down there). We hope we have sent many a couple to try out this product. It is a safe and fun way to explore sexuality for a couple. We would especially recommend this product to couples with kids because it adds an extra zing to your sex. It’s like pretending your having a nice meal when you use the expensive dishes. It’s the same old food but dressed up fancy!

          Most past around blog like a drunken whore: ‘My M.O.M. Logic’– posted on April 21, 2009

          Just a mere few months after we started the blog, Lee was one of the top 10 finalists for MomLogics Mother of All Bloggers contest. This is the piece she wrote to answer the age old question ‘What is your Mom Logic?’ If they asked her today, she would probably add that always carrying a fully loaded Nerf N-Strike Maverick Blaster that you’re not afraid to use would add to the mystery and terror. She didn’t win it probably because she was new to the game and had a small fan base. Also, she was unwilling to hire a consulting firm from India to sit there for a week and click on a button. She’s not bitter. Really. It is true that she has never entered a contest since and probably won’t ever again but that doesn’t mean anything. It was nice just to be a finalist.

          Our Cool Philosophy: ‘It’s not sex. It’s a merger.’- posted January 29, 2009

          Marriage as a Corporation ™ is the most intelligent concept ever introduced into the relationship field since Freud talked about bananas. Not since Adler’s ricket ridden body came up with inferiority complexes has any psychological professional posited such dazzling genius. How much do you think you would pay for such brilliance? Would you pay a million dollars for it? How about half a million? What if we said you could have our brilliance for free everyday by just reading our blog? Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? There are so many more posts that we really encourage you to read all of them to even get a smidge of our smartitude.

          So where are we going in 2010? First, we don’t believe in resolutions (check out Monday, January 11th,2010). What we will do right now is create an intention for the next year and focus our energies at knowing it’s a done deal and doing everything possible to stay in the space where we can make and let it happen. We know that sounds all fluffy but bear with us. Consider this a social experiment; proof that you create your life.

          Our 2010 intentions:

           1. We and our loved ones will be healthy throughout the year.

          2. CoupleDumb will have a mainstream TV or nationally syndicated radio show in 2010.

          3. CoupleDumb will get an agent and publish our relationship book.

          4. Our relationship book will be on the New York Times Bestsellers list (think big people! Little intentions. Little life.)

          5. We will be traveling a lot this year (on someone else’s dime) for work.

          6. Our daughter will get into her first choice of college with a good scholarship.

          7. Paul and I will grow as authors, partners and sex minions.

          So now the universe knows what our intentions are and we are open to acepting all the wonderful gifts that God is sending our way. We thank you for all your support this year and invite you to continue the journey with us in 2010. We wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy, Loving, Prosperous, Joyful and Amazing New Year! God bless and catch you on Monday, January 4, 2010 for our new year of posts!


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