Happy National Licorice Day

red vines

There were many things I missed when I moved from California years 18 years ago; good Mexican Food, the coast line, my friends and Red Vines. Yes, you could buy that imitation plastic stuff that people try to compare to the real licorice goodness of a Red Vine. I scoffed at friends trying to get me to substitute the deliciousness of a Red Vine with something that was made in a laboratory by mean scientists. When I found Red Vines at a local drug store in Miami, I called my family and we celebrate with movies and several packs of the vines.

Tomorrow is National Licorice Day! Are you going to celebrate with a piece of plastic or are you going to the store and buying Red Vines – all the flavors including delicious Black Licorice, Grape Vines, Cherry Vines, or go crazy and get the Family Mix of red and black licorice! You see, this is real licorice, real licorice flavor. Everything else is imitation. You can’t take the plastic products, bite off the ends and drink your soda at a movie, can you?

Tomorrow, my family will celebrate will all sit around the living room watching a movie and eating Red Vines, like good Americans. What will you do?

The people at Red Vines sent us a lovely sample of Red Vine products. Did you know that they also make sugar free Vines and Natural Vines. The Natural Vines come in a bag and are bite sized. Their flavor is amazing. The black, natural licorice is so good that my husband is already looking for more. The strawberry soft licorice is tart and addictive. We received the products in exchange for the post. All opinions are ours. Now, if they want to send us more, we would never object to that. We can change CoupleDumb to the licorice advice site!

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