Happy Break Up Month

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January is considered “Break Up Month”. Is it the cold weather that chills the heart or the more believable idea that New Year’s tends to make a person reflect on their life that more people break up and or file for divorce in the first month of the year? Whatever the cause, the month brings an influx of people into therapy and lawyers offices across the world.

Perhaps we can reframe this and look at the positive. Some marriages should not go on. Some relationships are better off dead. So we can say, the first month of the year is a time of personal renewal. Choosing to be happy can occur at any time of year but tends to happen in the beginning of the year when everything seems new. This should be given the appropriate respect of grief but also met with a resounding YES to life!

CoupleDumb, as always, is supportive of healthy relationships. If you need to get divorced to have the possibility of a healthy relationship then so be it.

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