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Today is my 46th birthday. Birthdays have this weird effect on adults. When you were a child, you couldn’t wait for your birthday. You would report your age in fractions and were more than happy to stand in front of a flaming cake while everyone sang to the happiness of the day you were born. Adults, well, some of us, become contemplative around this auspicious day. I know I do. I tend to think about my life and my accomplishments. Am I being the person I am meant to be or even want to be? Am I making a mark in the sand of time or am I completely forgettable?

As you know, I am a psychotherapist and I have worked pretty hard at working out my issues. A human being is multifaceted and what you see is really an amalgam of shadows, issues, facades and a touch of reality. I have worked on my issues and have explored my shadows. By no means am I done and in the arena of self effectiveness, you never spike the ball. But, you can get to a good place. That is what I am feeling right now. I am in a good place.

This last year has been fraught with ups and downs and loopty loops that would make anyone nauseas.  I became the parent of an adult who graduated from high school and then went off to college over 1800 miles away. We moved the rest of the family across the country to the mountains where we now deal with snow and single digit temps as opposed to hot and muggy every day. We left everything behind, family, friends and familiarity to begin an adventure. We trusted the universe, committed to the unknown and leaped. During all this, one side of the family was dealing with placing someone in a nursing home and the fallout from that without me there and the other side was deciding that they no longer wanted to speak to us. And still, I am in a good place.

I feel all grown up now. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I kicked fear in the ass and I am no longer allowing it to make my decisions. I am excited about the future and yet still happy where I am now. I am grateful and appreciative and blessed.

Now I look forward to the next year and I can admit that I have no idea what it will look like. I know that it will be exciting and different. Here are my intentions for my next year:

1. I intend on being healthy. I have lots of stuff to do and have no time for anything to slow me down.

2. I intend on maintaining this sense of adventure and awe.

3. I intend on challenging the norm, being controversial and trekking my own path. In other words, I intend to be me.

4. I intend to love my loved ones unconditionally.
5. I intend on having a book agent and making serious money.

6. I intend on sharing all of this with my partner in life and career.

7. I intend on living out of this country for a period of time and sharing different cultures, languages and ways of being with my kids.

8. I intend to celebrate each moment and be grateful for the abundance of the universe.

Thanks in advance for the happy birthday wishes.


  • This is beautifully written. Like you, I’m not too keen on birthdays. It’s not the addition of years, it’s the fact that it was once a BIG day and now it’s just another day. But I do love how each year, I get more and more confident. Here’s to getting wiser, not older.

  • I love this idea! (Though I *loathe* resolutions.) Happy birthday to you!

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