Happiness Call To Arms

Mother Teresa knew everything because she was short.

          Tuesday is usually dedicated to our little ones and, even though we are dedicated to creating healthy relationships, we feel it is important to take a pass on the kids for the week. One of the most important lessons we have learned as parents is that our lives as adults bleed into a childhood. For example, when we ask a child at the age of six if his life is tough, we give him/her the message that life is tough. Adults rarely ask kids questions that they don’t already know the answer to. Kids learn this early on. So, before we go messing up anymore kids out there, let’s get our happy on and embrace this new attitude through the commitment to happiness.

          It took us a while to decide to write a manifesto. We ferreted out what the important elements are then decided on calling it a manifesto. The first thing we wrote was what Paul called a ‘Call to arms’. Paul insisted that we needed to whip up our readers to feel passionate about this. It is through passion that we create the miracles that change things. A stone can wear away with a constant stream or can explode from the intensity of a waterfall. We believe that we need a waterfall of happiness. We are primed and ready for this change in our world.

The following is the call:

          This is the Happiness Manifesto. This is a call to all individuals who refuse to wade through the misery and victim mentality of society. This is a call to all individuals who refuse to accept that being content for a moment is all we can expect of life. This is a call to all individuals who fail at towing the party line and find beauty in ugly, hope in loss and humor in sadness. This is a call to all individuals who believe a better world is simply an attitude change away.  

          Did it move you? There is a certain amount of energy on your part that is necessary to make the change to being a happy person. Years ago, we learned that society beliefs and attitudes were like a river or stream. These ways of being ’drift along’ in one direction. Whenever something comes into direct contact with ‘the drift’ it either wears it away and sends it down stream or learns to get around it. Paul and I decided when learning this that we were not only going to stand against the drift but we were going to get out of that stream altogether. That stream can be very toxic and happiness is not found anywhere in that drift or even on the banks.

          Standing up in that drift is not only a blow to society but an affirmation for yourself. To stand for what you what in your life, like happiness, is saying that you matter more than the status quo. To stand for what you want in your life is saying that you refuse to be another miserable person in the drift. To stand for what you want in your life is to separate yourself through your passion and say that you are a leader and willing to make a difference.

          Ready for more?

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