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I have a philosophy that any change, crises or event is good once it becomes a story. The moment that we can talk about it, it transforms into part of our personal history. This year we have done a lot of new things, which include moving across country, sending a child to college and fighting with family members. Every one of these things has yielded stories for which I am profoundly grateful.

Here are some of them:

1. My seven year old was having a problem with one of the other kids, a boy that he considers a friend, who was grabbing his stuff and being too physical. I went to pick up my son from school and he tells me what happened then declares, ‘I told on him once and now I’m going to the office. Nobody bullies me.’ He went into the office and told the story. Next day, the boys met with the principal and straightened things out. When I went to pick up my son, the other boy apologized to me and said that he will never pester my son again.

My seven year old handles his own shit. For this, I am grateful (and pretty damned impressed).

2. Ricky, my four year old, needs company while he has his bowel movements. Usually his companion is his brother, Bobby. Yesterday, Bobby said that he needed to attend Ricky’s poop session because Ricky was afraid (to be alone). Ricky, while on the toilet, corrected him. ‘I get lonely, Bobby. Not afraid. LONELY.’

The kid makes me laugh.

3. My daughter loaded Bioshock on my computer yesterday. I share video games with my daughter. It seems like a short little story but is more touching than most can comprehend. My gratitude swirls around my daughter like a hurricane.

4. This year, I spent my birthday at Disneyland while loved ones sang happy birthday to me over the phone from 3000 miles away. Come on! Disneyland and bicoastal parties! How can I not be grateful for that?

5.  When it comes to Lee, I have too many stories to count. Every day there is a new episode written into our life. I had a pretty major argument with family members lately. Lee said that she didn’t want to give her opinion. I said that I needed her opinion but didn’t want her to have a position. She understood that statement. In my life, there are very few people who ‘get me’. And no one understands me like she does. I cannot separate my gratitude from the love that I feel for her.

When we write CoupleDumb, we tell you stories. Sometimes you tell us stories back. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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