Goodbye To 2013

As we say goodbye to another year, we need to reflect on all the good, bad, and ugly of these last 12 months. As in everything, the bad times help us define the good. Bad times are also opportunities for growth. We have often discussed the importance of making sense of the senseless. The ability to make meaning or derive significance to the invariably difficult times of life is a skill that will help us create happiness and subjective wellbeing. So, in an effort to practice what we preach and also model healthy behavior, this is our recap of 2013.

Sunset and the Sun will rise again

  1. Our daughter moved back home and left her University. She was having some problems with anxiety and wanted to be closer to us. If you recall, our daughter has special needs and this move was a good choice on her part. We had to readjust to having her home. By that, we mean we had to completely change our schedule and get used to another adult in the house. The only way to describe this would be that it felt we were reliving all of her adolescence in a matter of months. She was surly. She was downright bitchy. While attending an on-line university, she finally made the decision to apply to a university in Florida. As I write this, we are here getting her ready to start classes on Monday at her new school. The surliness is almost gone. Her ability to communicate has been restored minus the bitchiness. And now, she is back to being a young adult looking forward to her future. Again, when she becomes tolerable and actually someone we would hang out with, she leaves us.

Meaning: Our kids are ours only as rentals and we need to be prepared to let them go several times throughout their lives. When they become the people we always wanted them to be is when we should be pushing them out of the nest.

  1. Financially, we have had a rough year. There has been plenty of work but the pay has been slow. The lack of timely monies has been stressful and has resulted in change of plans.

Meaning: People didn’t pay us on time and we learned to go with the flow. The ability to shift out of a bad mood is a greater skill then pretending you never have crappy days.

  1. There have been stressors at home (see #1) and far away. Dealing with these stressors affected us in various ways.

Meaning: Most importantly, these stressors helped clarify our goals and prioritize our lives.

These are just a few things that 2013 threw at us. Mostly, it was another year of loving and laughing together. In the end, we are here and we are stronger than ever. This year brought about many changes in our lives but we also are moving forward in living the dreams we have had for many, many years. This is scary and exciting. As such, 2013 will go in the annals as a mixed bag of weird and we are grateful for everything we experienced this year. Sure, we would have preferred more money and less bitchiness but the bitter makes the good times sweeter.

Goodbye 2013! We are so excited about 2014 and all the surprises around the corner. We hope the surprises are good ones but we are also ready for anything 2014 has in store for us.

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