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Rep. Anthony Weiner is a pig. Well, at least that is the general consensus of the American People. There are few who are brave enough to say ‘hey, that ain’t so bad.’ Politics aside, Representative Anthony Weiner is just one of millions doing the same thing. Is what he did worse because he is an elected official? Is it worse because he is a married man? Is it worse because his wife of only 2 years is pregnant with his first child? All these questions and more will be addressed as we fillet the current tech phenomena: Junk Text/Tweet.

10 years ago, there were no individuals taking pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors and sending them out for the world to see. Perhaps there may have been 1 or 2 very industrious individuals with either an unlimited postage account or access to world televised events. Today, there are entire sites dedicated to this practice. In fact, with web cams and cell phones, this past time is a daily thing. A couple of years ago a clever kid created ChatRoulette only to lose the awesome connectivity of the idea to degenerates who wanted to show their penises. Due to some very creative people who documented themselves in picture form every day for years, put it in a video and set it to music, we all think we have the next You Tube sensation in picture form. This is benign when compared to what others are doing via web cam and even simple texted photos.

The act of taking photos of oneself in sexual situations (which is a catch all phrase to describe anything from a ‘come hither look’ to a vividly veiny picture of a penis) is not inherently a bad thing. It is not a smart thing, mind you, with all the hacking that happens but it isn’t necessarily dysfunctional. The problem comes with sending these images to someone who may or may not care to see this. For example, in Former Rep. Weiner’s case, his downfall began when he tried to DM a picture to one of his Twitter followers and mistakenly posted it on the stream. This is tech version of flashing someone! This is exhibitionism! These images, of which we now know there are many, are symptoms of a severe dysfunction.

Weiner got off on having women see his body. We have yet to see anyone step forward and claim that Weiner actually had intercourse with them. And whether or not this happens, the damage is done and the secret is out. Weiner is a sex addict. He is an exhibitionist. Weiner, prior to his marriage, was a player. He had many women and enjoyed the hunt. Now, a staid married man, he needs to act out somehow. For some, this type of activity is better than cheating. Sexting and having computer sex isn’t really an affair, is it?

Let’s be clear, each person will draw that line for themselves. CoupleDumb believes any sexual activity that takes you away from your partner can be destructive. In Weiner’s case, his need to not only send dozens of pictures of his penis and body to women all over and engage in some nasty Facebook discussions, shows that whatever he had with his wife was not enough for him. Was it an issue of power due to his job? A little. His issues would have ultimately come to light in a relationship. Had he not been married he would merely have been seen as just another asshole with an I-phone.

Junk Texting/Tweeting is a really bad idea which has become a pandemic. The idea of needing to show your naked body parts to someone just to get a date or to elicit interest is akin to a butcher putting out his meat on display. You are selling the most basic of who you are. You are selling something that is transient. Whereas your personality and soul are fixed, your body will change constantly and to believe that you will only be desired for your hot bod is not self-esteem but rather a sad indicator of the shallowness of relationships today. So put down your cameras, turn off your web cams and stop tweeting pictures of your body. Let them fall in love with your mind and heart and not your junk.

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