Good Internet Behavior

After a long week of rules, it would be nice to wake up to nastiness free internet. So sorry. It will take a little more time. The rules we have discussed this week are not an attempt to jump into a conversation but a methodically researched and discussed phenomenon. We impart these words based on our experience as therapists and business people. Our behavior on the internet is a manifestation of our psychological processes which are based on our experiences, traumas and understanding of the world around us. Our businesses are being directly affected by these behaviors whether it is us displaying AntiSocial Behavior or others who are attacking us.

Minions, go and do something good

Thus the final rule we will discuss is directed with those who actually are more than just passive internet users and are considered influencers.

          If you have followers, then you are a leader. Act like it!

Some of the most egregious acts on the internet are enacted by the followers of some of the more prominent social media leaders. We can call them fans. We can call them friends. Who they really are depends on how you lead them.

Do you allow your followers to attack anyone who disagrees with you?

Do you condone your fans to acting like a mob?

Do you encourage your friends to secretly respond in your stead?

If you say yes to any of these, you are directly responsible for their behavior. A true leader is responsible and the things we see on the internet resemble more of a feeding frenzy in a piranha pool rather than adult discourse. Lead your followers and have their behavior reflect well on you.

Pass these on. Be responsible. Be adults. Be human. Save the internet.

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