Glad to be home.

Hell is not getting to do a little of this.

          Hola friends and family! Thursday is here and we are finally back home in Miami after our adventure in our homeland. We will be discussing some of our revelations, insights and connections tomorrow but today is Thursday so it is all about couples. Nothing will remind a couple more about being alone together than after spending 2 weeks stuck in a car with your kids.

          Lee says: I love my kids. I really do. They are wonderful gifts from the Almighty but these little wondrous creatures had me chanting the Serenity prayer after spending a few days with them in California. Jeez!

          Paul and I were born and raised in California, specifically the South Bay area. This is where we were born, grew up, met and fell in love. Thus this little part of the world holds many special memories that can easily be ruined by a whining child or, my personal favorite, the blank stare of disinterest. We saw many friends and family but spent almost no time alone. For me, spending time with so many loved ones only magnified the reasons why Paul is my best friend.

          If you have noticed, I don’t use the term soul mate nor do I spend much time waxing poetic about how we have spent so many lives making love under an Egyptian Pyramid. What I do say is that this man is my friend. He gets me like no one else. He knows the real me who is afraid of cockroaches and loves Hostess pies. There is no facade or need to pretend in our relationship. I know who he is. I accept that I married a 7 and ½ year old sci-fi geek who has a dark streak and a need to cuddle on a daily basis. On our vacation, the only time we had together was brief moments in the car and the occasional pillow talk that would lose out to exhaustion.

          As a child, I don’t recall my parents spending too much quality time together and I believe that that translated in their stunted mode of communication which consisted of loud insults peppered with accusations. However, in Spanish, it all sounds prettier. In my relationship, I am committed to never communicating in that manner and I find that this small promise makes us different from other couples. We like being together and the idea of marring these precious moments with insults and disrespect seems like a waste of time to me.

          We are already planning some time alone despite a two week vacation. I want to be able to talk without interruption or fear that I may damage the psyche of one of my precious angels. I want to be able to process all of the feelings I had reconnecting with so many people (which I will begin to do in tomorrow’s post). I want to be able to lounge in bed and laugh, touch and other things without our youngest snoring two feet away from us.

          This trip has made certain ideas seem clearer. For example, why don’t couples who love each other, stay together? I believe it’s because they lack the foundation of a good friendship. I have very good friends (like Patricia who took care of our home and doggies while we were away- Precious, you rock!!) but my relationship with Paul is very different. Yes I can share the same information with both of them but Paul has the added benefit of being able to know me in a profound sense. He loves me, warts and all, and could tell you where all the bodies are buried. He is patient with me and understands my shit even when I am muddled and overwhelmed with feelings. Yes, my friends can do it too but I don’t always unleash the wrath of Lee around people for fear that they may take that personally. Paul knows that I’ll come around even if I am being a royal bitch at the moment.

          So dear readers, I must close now because jetlag and a red eye flight have taken hold of me and my eyes are crossing as I type. Tonight I will sleep in my king size bed in my favorite pajamas (aka. Birthday suit) and cuddle with my man. Vacationing is wonderful and coming home is great but my home is wherever my family is and comfort is a state of mind. My home is tucked in behind Paul’s back with my arm wrapped around him. I bet you he won’t even complain about me compressing his floating kidney tonight.

          Paul says: Next vacation is you, me and a toothbrush. All else is optional. And, yes, you can touch my floating kidney. If you want to know about the floating kidney, write us on Facebook.


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