Gift Guide For Kids

CoupleDumb loves Christmas. The holidays bring out our inner children who love to play and have a great time. As you know, we have kids of our own and we are forced to watch TV. OK, we will admit it, we like their TV. With kid TV comes kid commercials. Here are some that we actually like and your kids will, too.

bright-light-pillow-automatically-changeThe Bright Light Pillows are a great way for your kids to have a night light without needing anything plugged into the wall. The Bright Light Pillow comes in two fun shapes and uses 3 AA batteries which will light up your pillow for hundreds of hours. Best part, the light turns off automatically in 15 minutes!

ice-cream-magic-standard-packWhat kid doesn’t like ice cream? Ice Cream Magic kit comes with two cones and two ice cream spoons. Add ice, milk and your favorite flavor and within 3 minutes, you have ice cream. Best part, you can make an ice cream dessert as healthy as you want!

FlipeezLiving in the mountains, gloves, scarves and hats are a must. Problem with my boys is that they won’t keep their hats on. With Flipeez, they won’t take them off! Cute and fun as well as warm, Flipeez come in 7 cute styles that are fun to wear.


flashlight-friend-BPUPFMy guys love making forts and taking in flash lights for hours of fun. Flashlight Friends are a great way to give them a stuffed animal friend who is also a flashlight. My boys loved their puppy flashlight friend and it is the best accessory to their living room fort!





Thanks to Flashlight Friends, Flipeez, IceCream Magic and Brightlight Pillows for providing us a sample for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are ours.

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