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                So it isn’t a secret anymore. Everybody knows this by now. But just to be clear, we thought we needed to be up front about this. In case you have been living under a rock, we have come out as writers. That’s right. We write. Not just blogs but articles and books and notes and tweets and status updates and the occasional ‘kick me’ sign. We are also avid readers. We read every day and tend to stay in the sci-fi, fantasy and literary fiction world. Our 17 year old daughter reads voraciously; sometimes three and four books at a time. Our 6 year old is reading now and he is primed to be reading the first Harry Potter book (The Sorcerer’s Stone) by the fall. The 3 year old has been very disappointing since he has refused to pick up the Dostoyevsky we left him or even a paltry Grisham.

Summer is a great time to instill a love of literature. This is our Summer Reading Plan for our kids:

-Apply for a library card – If the drive is too far or just inconvenient, we recommend the Internet Public Library  which provides free reading material for all age groups but especially caters to kids and teens.

-Institute a Reading Hour in your home. In the case of our 6 year old, we have him read silently for 20 minutes, he then explains what he read, and we read him the same passage and then have him read it again aloud to us. Reading is important but it means absolutely nothing if they do not comprehend what they just read.

-A Reading Competition- Our children are…well, our kids. They love to compete. What we have instituted is the 10-10-10.  For Bobby, the 6 year old, he needs to read 10 books in 10 days. Then, we step up the difficulty and length of his books and maintain the daily reading schedule but must complete 10 books in 20 days. By the time he returns to school, he will be reading chapter books, 10 in 30 days. Each level he receives a reward of his choice.

-This summer we are planning a family road trip and gearing his reading to our travels. We plan on exploring caves, going to the beach and possibly eating some Cajun food. All of these topics will have been covered in his reading prior to visiting.

-Leapster games- Our boys adore the Leapster and educational games are perfect for long road trips.

-Most important Reading plan is that our kids see us reading. They know we devote at least a half hour to it a day and our attitude towards that activity is vital.

If we had one thing for our kids to inherit from us, it would be the love of reading. Sure we would like it to be money too but we plan on spending all of that. Happy reading!

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