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Recently, life has been lifing at me and I have had to step back and evaluate my progress and journey as a living, breathing human being. This past week was particularly stressful and apparently the universe felt the need to disrupt my mountain hermitage with slow ball lobs of chaos. I cried. I processed. Now, I am ready to synthesize my feelings concerning all the STUFF of the week. Coincidently, this same week, Facebook had lots of individuals sharing things about themselves that people didn’t know. I was told to share 6 things, which I did, and after all of the crap of the week, I find that I have to dig deeper and share some things you do not know about me or assume otherwise.

It's me!

So, here they are. 10 things you don’t know about me,

1. I practice what I preach.

I write about relationships and mental health. Everything I write here is something that I believe in and embrace in my own life. I believe in honesty. I believe in respecting and honoring all human beings. I am working really hard at eliminating judgment from my life and not carrying any rancor or hate in my heart. I also believe in Santa and I work at being a good person.

2. What you see is what you get.

If you ever meet me, you will recognize me instantly. I am an open book and that includes not portraying an image that is far removed from myself. Those who have met me can attest to that.

3. I believe in a person’s ability to change.

I am hopeful that people will shut up, grow up, open up, and show up.

4. I am fiercely loyal.

If there is one thing that people can count on, it is my loyalty. I am predictable in that respect. Of course, if you abuse that or you are not operating with integrity, I will cut you off faster than you can blink.

5. I am not who I was yesterday.

Some people think that they have your number. Many people will treat you as if you are still that little prepubescent girl who looked for fights and would cry at the drop of a hat. Well, I have changed. I still am vulnerable, no need to change that, but I do not feel the need to argue and fight with people to prove a point. However, if you are looking for a fight, be prepared to be treated to an honest assessment of the situation from my point of view. I promise a very enlightening but uncomfortable time.

6. You only get one whack at this piñata.

I live in this world like everyone else and occasionally, some people want to get in my space and ‘fuck with my chi’. My response to this is simple. You only get one whack at the piñata. You may throw the first blow but I will not be there for the second. This is by no means a declaration that I do not forgive. I do not carry the baggage of grudges. I forgive easily but I do not forget. (See #3)

7. Talk to Me now.

I really hate when people think they are talking to Lee circa 1979. I am still her but soooo much more. I am a deeply feeling, open, funny, passionate, intelligent, loving, powerful woman. Lee circa 1979 was a little funny girl who was all that in potential.

8. I love Mexican food.

I am serious. LOVE.

9. There are some people that I would prefer not share my oxygen.

Yes, I will admit it. I am all peace and love until I am not. Yes, I can wish everyone love and light but there are some people that I want very far away from me. Hateful people. Ignorant people. Intolerant people. Narrow minded people. People who use American cheese in Mexican food. I am working at opening my heart more but the cheese thing is a deal breaker.

10. I love my family.

Simply put, I know I have the most amazing family. I know they are broken and flawed. I know that we are not perfect. However, our willingness to talk and love and grow is rare and I appreciate that.

Bonus: My husband is the best man in the world.

It is true. I have done my research. He is perfect….for me.

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  • rajean

    I do feel I know you. I have had the pleasure of meeting you. I believe I hugged both you and your husband, maybe at greeting and at parting. This list becomes you and will inspire others so I will happily share. But Lee, if you’ve prepared the Mexican dish and realize all you have is American cheese, you simply have to make it work. There is hot sauce for that.

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