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When we are acknowledging trauma, it is imperative that we talk it out. The majority of Support Groups are centered on a form of trauma (for example; grief, witnessing addiction, rape). The reason for these groups is simple: sharing your experience, releasing that shame, is vital to true healing. However it is not the magic bullet. Sure, you will feel better but true healing will only take place when you deal with the experience as an adult and bring in forgiveness. I know, that is a very tall order but now you see why a professional will assist you in getting to the place where you can forgive.

There are specific forms of therapy that work best with PTSD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used frequently in working with PTSD. With the use of behavioral techniques, such as exposure, the therapist systematically introduce the client to lesser forms of the trauma/stressor until the client becomes comfortable with the stimulus. The problem with this is that not all trauma is that clear cut so as to work with exposure. This works well with PTSD which has created phobias.

We strongly recommend Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not just a fad to quit smoking or cluck like a chicken. Hypnotherapy is a technique whereas the professional therapist practices deep therapy with a client while the client is in trance. The trance state helps the client relax and brings down the normal barriers. Hypnotherapy cuts through the façade and gets to the core of the issue quicker and more efficiently while still feeling safe. It is widely used for combat vets and we have seen it used very effectively with abuse, rape and other traumatic life events.

We cannot provide some band aid relaxation techniques for PTSD. You must get treatment from a trained professional. And even though we believe in the value of bringing spirituality into therapy, we strongly believe that praying is not enough. You must seek a therapist with PTSD experience.

Please write us if you have any further questions regarding PTSD or are interested in a referral to a local professional.

If you are in Southern Florida, please contact Phoenix Center for Healing. They do amazing work and have experience with veterans and all other types of PTSD.

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