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Paul and I have worked in and for non-profits. We still consult with a few and are grant writers. We love working with organizations that are doing it right; embodying the spirit of a non-profit and doing something for the community or world that makes a difference. We are currently working with an organization that is all about empowering minorities to be entrepreneurs and another organization that is working to make water safer to drink. In the past we have worked with several non-profits that are dedicated to the homeless. We have even worked with Moms who were collecting business attire for homeless women looking for a job. These are the people who are creating minor miracles and major miracles in our world every day.

Don't mess it up, dog.

This is why working with Zerorez Socal has been such a great experience. Aside from the fact that they provide cleaning with no toxins and chemicals, they also work with organizations and individuals who are doing minor miracles every day. Zerorez Socal regularly chooses non-profit organizations and individuals and clean their home or offices for free. What’s the catch? Nothing. These are good people providing a clean and toxic free service and giving back to individuals and organizations who are giving back or facing challenges and are deserving of a little help. They even take suggestions for this Minor Miracle program! Click here to nominate an organization.

Some of their previous Minor Miracle recipients have been:

  • U.S. Veterans offices – Provide apartments for veterans who are homeless and seeking a new start
  • Women’s Shelter of Huntington Beach
  • Mother’s Day Program (10 deserving moms provided cleaning service, recipients to remain anonymous) One winner filmed here:

We support businesses that incorporate giving back into their business plan. ZeroRez Socal is not only providing a clean, toxin free services but they are involved community members. These are the businesses we should be supporting. And remember, click on the badge and get a great deal on cleaning your home or office. Also, to refresh your memory, you can click here to see everything they do clean. They work in the following Southern California areas:

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Ventura County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County

And, remember my carpets, they still look great!
You can find them at and follow them on Twitter.

We participated in a campaign on behalf of Mamavation for Zerorez. We received promotional item to thank us for our participation. All opinions are our own.

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