Fundraising with T-Shirts

Fundraising is a fact of life. If you are not independently wealthy and just do not have the disposable income to invest in good causes, you will need to participate in some form of fundraising. In the old days, a bake sale or a car wash were just enough to get the scratch you needed to be able to fund your project. With the rise in costs, those two activities will hardly make a dent the costs. Also, you want to spend money only on things that will bring back a huge return and a cupcake is just not going to cut it.

Teespring   Crowdfunded Custom Apparel

This is why we think is the first place everyone needs to go for fundraising. Most campaigns create t-shirts just for advertising purposes. Imagine if you were to create a t-shirt for free, set the price point and the profits would go straight to your fund? is the place for crowdsourcing funds and the donors get a high quality t-shirt that continues to promote your cause.

We have run many fundraising campaigns and still do grant writing for many non-profits. The problem with t-shirts have always been that the organization has to put out large amounts of cash to purchase the shirts, usually end up with a poor quality product and when the campaign is over, the funds are low and the shelves are full of unwanted shirts. With, you design the high quality shirt, the donors order it right from their site and you get the profit. So, no money out or boxes of unwanted shirts.

Another few of the features we liked are:

  • Sharing- After you create your shirt, you can send it out all over Social Media with easy share buttons.
  • High Quality Shirt- You are actually designing a shirt you would wear.
  • You set the price point- Depending on how much you need for your organization, the shirts can be priced to sell and you also set how many you need to sell to meet your goal.
  • See your progress- The site shows how many shirts you have sold and how many you need to meet your goal.

Here are some cute examples of great campaigns.

A couple sold this “Love makes a family shirt” to raise money to adopt.

This one included children’s and toddler’s shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to sing in a children’s choir in Hungary.

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief.

Check them out and think of for your next fundraising campaign. and Sverve compensated us to review this site. All opinions are ours.

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