Fun With Food Trucks

Lee and I love food trucks. I am fascinated with them on both a culinary and a business front. We would search from custom food trucks in Florida all of the time. There were a few places in downtown Miami that had them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, downtown was at least an hour drive if traffic was not bad. So we would not go too often.

When we moved back to California, one of the first people that we befriended was a couple of young people that owned a food truck. They started a business in San Francisco, sold it, moved to the mountains of Southern Cali, and were considering buying a new one. Because I am intrigued with the business aspect of the custom food truck business, they would bounce ideas off of me. They regaled me with stories of all of the goods and bads of living the lifestyle.

Apparently, this job offered a lot of freedom but was also a lot of work. It is definitely a family oriented business, even if the kids are not working the grill. I have read the stories where the child runs the social media network while the parents cook. In other words, the kid is doing the marketing. Yes, that is a family business.

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