Fun Christmas Gifts For Kids

Of course, since we are doing all kinds of list, we need to give a list for toys for kids, or for that adult that acts like a kid.

Curious Critters [Hardcover]

This book is gorgeous! The Pictures pop out at you and narrative is very informative. This is a lovely book to give to a child or pretend to and keep it in your bookshelf.




Danny Phantom: Season One 4 Disc DVD

Shout Kids Factory has some great DVD collections for kids. I personally like Danny Phantom and enjoyed watching these with the boys (and without). If you are a fan, go and get this for your kids. This way it won’t seem so pathetic when you watch them.






Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck

Have you seen this guy? He is awesome. I love it. I play with the sample at Toys’R’Us every time I go. It’s fun. Interactive. Shoots stuff. He even farts!  What boy would not love this?





Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car – Green

I learned about this toy from Paul, a 47 year old man. His words, ‘That is so cool’ said in a hushed tone mixed with awe and a smidgen of coveting. This is the space-age stuff we expected along with hover cars and robots. Great gift for a boy and his Dad.






Crayola Crayon Maker with Story Studio

I was skeptical until I saw the commercial. This is reminiscent of the wax paper art we would do but you can actually color with your creations. If my 18 year old daughter were younger it would be a neat gift to share.






Older children (over 40)

Cards Against Humanity

Adults should get toys too. This is Christmas, after all. This game allow your inner asshole to come out and play. I don’t have anyone to give this to since all of my friends and family wear their assholeness proudly.

I did get a copy of Curious Critters and Danny Phantom for review. It made it to the list on its own merits.

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