Fun And Vapin

I began smoking at a young age. The habit began as a secret and then evolved into a behavior that was entangled with daily activity. Drink a cup of coffee? Have a cigarette. Have a drink? Have a cigarette. Socialize with friends? Have a cigarette. I tried to limit my smoking to the evenings unless I was on vacation and then it was a free-for-all. Luckily, I quit 2 years ago and have not gone back once. However, that habit is still there and there are some days when the cravings are tough. Electronic Cigarettes lets me still enjoy the feel of smoking without having to leave the fun or smell like an ashtray.

Smoking a vaporizer pen, like the one from Vapin Plus, provides me with a similar smoking experience without the stigma of smoking and without the nasty smell of a cigarette. The draw on a vaporizer pen is a good facsimile of the smoking sensation and, because you can choose the e-liquid flavor and level of nicotine, you can moderate exactly what you are inhaling which was never the case with the cigarettes. Also, in my experience, the savings are tremendous! One tip can last me as much as a week when I use it a couple of times day or even longer if I use it sparingly.

I have changed many of my behaviors in the last few years. Part of the change is that I don’t have to leave the house or room to go have a cigarette. People are more accepting of smoking vaporizer pens and will even be willing to try it. Not having to leave the party to go outside really forces you to stay engaged and be present. For some, this is actually part of the appeal of smoking because it is an excuse for leaving the room! Vaping is an activity that I can enjoy, pretty much anywhere, and I don’t have to leave my friends to enjoy it.

Technology is changing everything and vaporizer pens are part of this tech revolution. It actually is quite surprising that people still smoke cigarettes when such a cleaner and cheaper alternative is widely available to them. I don’t have to use my vaporizer pen all of the time but it is there and charged when I want it and I love having the choice.

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