Freelance Work

We all need to make some money. Especially us in the writing business. Lee and I are usually looking for some type of freelance work, whether it is within our field like writing or just something to pay the bills where we can work at home for free. Since we live in the mountains far away from any large metropolitan area, we need to do most of our work searching via the web. We love the useful databases that bring people together efficiently.

The other side of this is that Lee and I are multitalented. When we are looking at picking up money, we need to have a database with a huge amount of possibilities. Remember that we can go from data entry to creating a curriculum to writing marketing text to development of an integrated marketing plan. This is what we do for a living. We write. And, as you know, we write on the internet. Obviously we want people to read what we write. Unfortunately in this age there is a lot of other stuff that goes in to getting others to read what we have written. Anything that we can do to keep us in enough money to keep writing is good with us. This is how we live our American dream.

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