Free Activities at Bass for Kids

          If you are like us, today is the first full week of having your kids at home. Our children, ages 17, 6 and 3, tend to settle into the summer groove pretty quick, especially the boys who feel waking up before the sun is acceptable. Sure we tell them ‘We don’t live on a farm! Go back to bed!’ But they seem undeterred from sucking the juice out of every precious summer day. Our daughter however is gone for 5 days at a conference so keeping these two howler monkeys in line and entertained falls solely on their parent’s sore and tired shoulders. Because of this, we have decided to do a little Summer Guide for our readers. Every day we will suggest a fun, family activity or at least something to entertain the monkeys while Mom and Dad get there drink/swerve on.


          No one is more surprised than us to say we like to go to the Bass Pro Shop. We don’t hunt. We don’t fish. We barely go outside except for the occasional trip to the grocery store and Bass Pro Shop. But this summer, we can pretend we enjoy going because of the kids! From Noon to 6 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, Bass Pro Shop will host a Family Summer Camp where your kids can partake in all sorts of fun activities from:

Shooting Gallery
Casting Pond
Family Workshops
Free Shooting Range (archery)
Free Photos
And for all you Boy Scouts Merit Badges

           All of this for FREE!

          Check out their website for a schedule of activities, crafts and a store near you.

          We went on Thursday and will be back a few more times before the fun ends on July 18.

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