Four Steps To Saving A Life

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$20 will save her life.

I am often stopped and told, ‘I read what you wrote about _____. I loved it!’ I appreciate this so much. If there is any doubt about the work we do, all silliness is dispelled because our words have helped at least one person.

This is kind of like what I’m about to ask of you. I am committed to no child dying of a preventable disease and, inasmuch as I would love to blink and have this be so, we need you help to make this a reality. I need you to take at least one action right now. Just choose one of the following actions for Shot@Life, which is providing education and awareness for global need to make vaccines available to all children and is committed to no child dying of a vaccine preventable disease.

1. Take the pledge.

2. Donate money!

3. Call or write your rep.

4. Pass this on and have your friends do this.

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