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We live in a rural mountain area at 7000 feet above sea level. When we need something that we can’t find up here, we need to travel 27 miles down a very windy and perilous road to the cities below at sea level. When we drive down the mountain it is usually with the hope that a store will have the item we need. You can do the research and call but ultimately that takes so much time.

With Back to School Shopping we were thrown for a loop. With a Kindergartner, 3rd grader and Sophomore in College you can imagine that our supply lists are wildly different. The items that were giving me a problem were a Magna Doodle and JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbud Headphones.  Thanks to my RedLaser phone App, which I downloaded onto my Android, shopping became so much easier. I simply searched for the name of the product on the app, chose the exact brand and model I needed and RedLaser found it for me! They showed me the reviews of the product, exactly which store carried it and when I clicked on it I could see the location of the store, the number to call for availability and I could click for directions which automatically sent the address to my Navigation system on my phone.

I realize that people do not necessarily live in the middle of nowhere like I do but going from store to store is difficult for anyone. Just the price of gas and the time it takes is a hardship. RedLaser has taken all guess work out of shopping. If you are anything like me, I don’t have the time to roam the stores looking for one thing. RedLaser sends me directly to my target. As for the MagnaDoodle and Jaybirds, I was able to get them for less than I would have paid if I bought them on-line!

RedLaser saved me money on gas and the product but more importantly it saved time. Time, nowadays, is more important to me than anything else.

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/RedLaser. As always, all opinions are CoupleDumb and not influenced by anything except for exceptionality in the product which this one has. I mean, I can write all about it again because it that amazing. Of course you probably already stopped reading but RedLaser is really cool and you should go Download it right now on your IPhone, Android or Windows phones.

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