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The new Pope is Betsy James from Wichita.

I write this as we anticipate the announcement of the new Pope. I see Vatican Square replete with people who are excited and exuding joy over a new beginning. It is a beautiful sight to see in the midst of a historical moment in time. It is amazing that in the middle of all the scary things in the world, as human beings we can generate this much energy from the happiness of being hopeful.

It is part of this that reminds us that human beings are programmed for joy. The idea of something new brings us hope and excitement. A baby is a beginning. A wedding is a symbol of hope. All of these things get us in touch with the joy of something new.

So it is an interesting thing that change scares people. There is no mystery that change causes stress but stress in and of itself is not a negative thing. Stress gets us out of bed in the morning. Stress makes us successful and motivates us. Stress usually produces results! So in the middle of the new and the stress of the unknown lies a choice of fear or happiness.

What do you choose?

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