Finances: The #1 Cause of Relationship Issues

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Thank you to Samantha Peters for this guest post.

                    Did you know that finances are the #1 cause of relationship issues? If you and your spouse or partner are experiencing financing troubles, your relationship may soon begin to suffer. Read on to learn about how to prevent finances from ruining your relationship.

          Complementary Financial Habits

In a relationship, you must come to a middle ground with your partner on finances. The relationship will not work if one person spends all the time and the other saves all the time. You need to talk with your partner about each of your spending priorities and come to a conclusion. This conclusion may require each of you to make sacrifices for the common good. Perhaps you will be left spending less on food and more on rent than you’re comfortable with, but your partner will be spending more on food and less on rent than if they made the decision alone. Compromising, including on financial matters, is part of being in a successful relationship.

Complementary also means that you are strong in areas where your partner may be weak. Perhaps you have a good credit score but your partner doesn’t. If you need a low, you may qualify for a lowest interest rate in behalf of your partner. The reverse may also be true. If you need to borrow money and can’t, perhaps your partner qualifies for a 0 balance transfer that you woudln’t be able to get.

          The Joint Account

Choosing to have a joint account is a big step for a relationship; many married couples do not even take this step. Before creating a joint account, you must have a serious discussion about this with your partner and decide how you will fund the joint account. Will you both put all of your paychecks in a joint account? Or will you only put part of your paychecks into the account? If you decide to only put part of your paychecks into the account, how much will you put? Will you each put an equal dollar amount, or will you each put an equal percentage of your salary? You and your partner are the only people who can make this important decision.

          Great Finances for a Great Relationship

After taking the advice in this article by extensively discussing finances with your partner and coming to a conclusion that works for both of you, you should begin to notice that your relationship is much happier. Communication is paramount and whenever you talk, you ensure both people are of the same mind and understanding.

It’s true that finances are the number one problem causing agent in relationships, don’t let yours be one of those statistics!

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  • MamaDweeb

    This is so true! My Brother and sister in law do not have joint accounts because they never wanted money to be a cause of trouble. I admire them for that preventative measure.

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