Fighting Like Adults Fight

I am an adult and adults do things a certain way. I do not trust people that believe that their life is an old western movie. For example, if someone was to punch me, I would not go into some ninja-like moves and fight him. For one thing, I would get my ass kicked and, for the other, that is not the way adults interact. I would get away from the guy and then sue him of everything that he was worth. I would do a criminal case and a civil one. That is the way adults play.

When we lived in Miami, there were times when I may have needed a Miami defense attorney. I am usually able to handle a lot of paperwork contractual stuff by myself but when handling defense or criminal stuff, there is no way that I would defend myself. That is definitely when I need a lawyer. To Quote Abraham Lincoln: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” There is a feeling of safety and security knowing that you have a good attorney working with you when things go down and you need to fight the bullies that way that adults fight.

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