Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Me

Many of you probably don’t know that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in my early 30s. I had experienced pain all over for years but had not addressed it in any way. I caved in after several days of discomfort and because my sister and mother were both diagnosed with auto-immune disorders. My sister was seeing a Rheumatologist who she really liked and had been diagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Fibromyalgia. She mentioned me to him and he suggested I should be tested because auto-immune diseases tend to run in families.

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After years of sleep issues followed by stiffness, pain all over my body, massive knots in my muscles in my legs, shoulders and neck, I was finally going to get some answers. Back then, the test was simply answering questions and having the doctor press on certain pressure points in the body. The day I was diagnosed I remember feeling particularly miserable and having him lightly squeeze my neck, arm, legs just triggered a barrage of tears. After I pulled myself together, he talked about treatment. He prescribed an anti-depressant which would help with the pain and a pain reliever that he wanted me to take before bed. The idea was to sleep. He wanted me to get a good night’s rest, free from pain, to see if that would alleviate my discomfort during the day. It worked. I was brand new. After that, armed with some information, I managed my pain with my meds and exercise.  I also learned hypnotherapy and that made it so I could stop taking meds and today I manage my pain with meditation twice a day and a good mental outlook. is a resource I wish I had had years ago. It breaks down the information that one needs into easy to navigate tabs. Everything is well explained and they even include a great list of meds that are often given to fibromyalgia patients. I especially appreciate that they include alternative treatments of fibromyalgia as well since any pain related disease or disorder should be treated with psychotherapy. Pain is a depressant and depression causes pain. To break that cycle, you need to speak with someone. The wealth of information that they share on shows me that the people who are writing this are about real treatments and a desire to provide the information that people need to have a better quality of life.’s Fibromyalgia Health Center taught me that many physicians tend to discount fibromyalgia syndrome because there are no clear cut tests to diagnose the condition. This is why I am so grateful to Dr. Ritter in Miami for not only diagnosing me but caring that my life was miserable from the pain. If he hadn’t done that then I wouldn’t have taken steps to make my life better.

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