Feeding The Beasts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our boys are beasts. At 9 and 6, they tower over their schoolmates. When asked, most people put them at 13 and 10. You do not grow them to be that size without feeding them. Food is an important part of our household because the boys (Paul included) eat constantly and in great volume. I cannot say that anyone in the family really loves football but we do love TVs. If it has a screen and something moving on it then we are all entranced. photo BWW_GenBrandV2_Black_Retargeting_300x250_zps1e81f6aa.jpg

So a place like Buffalo Wild Wings is cool for us. We can get boneless wings (none of us like bones in our food) and watch whatever game is on the tele. The last time we were at a sports restaurant, they had soccer, football, and baseball going. It was wonderful. Everyone was entertained with a sport that they knew nothing about. Strike that…Lee was watching baseball and, as a Cuban, she knows her baseball. The rest of us were watching the players run randomly about.

Buffalo Wild Wings is debuting Game Changer Beer (Redhook, offered at Buffalo Wild Wings), Wing Tuesday and Boneless Thursday events. We suggest trying them out. Also Like Buffalo Wild Wings on Facebook and Follow Buffalo Wild Wings on Twitter photo BWW_GenBrandV2_Black_Retargeting_300x250_zps1e81f6aa.jpg
. Feed your big eaters with wings and fun.

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