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Sex should not be a mystery. Sex should be something we talk about openly. We should also become experts of our own bodies so that we can direct our partners to do what we like. To that end, CoupleDumb is committed to providing good information so that people can be happy. We write about what makes a relationship happy and we talk extensively about what makes sex a happy thing. We know it’s hard to think that sex can be unhappy but there are many unhappy people out there that just can’t seem to get it right. This is why we are happy to feature a new App that will be the first step to a happier sex life.

The App, available on I-Tunes, is Explore Women’s Sex by Brightfire Press. The app was created by Dr. Vivienne Cass who is world renowned human sexuality expert.  The product promises to familiarize you with a woman’s anatomy. We need to be clear here, this app is just as helpful for men as it is for women. A lot of women are unfamiliar with how things work in her nether regions and becoming comfortable with your anatomy is the first step to taking control of your own sexual enjoyment.

One of the things we liked about the app was how clear it was it starts out with the first page: Finding the clitoris

Many apps who try to provide lots of information usually look crowded and become disorganized. This app is clear and easy to follow. The app is well organized and easy to navigate. Sex quiz

The app also provides very clear diagrams of the female anatomy. Female sex anatomy

Not only does it provide helpful text but it gives you techniques for stimulating the clitoris.Sex techniques

And fun quizzes too!

We strongly recommend this app so that you can have all the information you need on the clitoris at the tip of your fingers. The more you know the more you will get to enjoy sex. Go to the app store and download it right now. Better sex for only a few bucks? That is so worth it!

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