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I am not the most diligent when it comes to exercise but I try. I will tell you point blank that the reason that I exercise at all is for vanity purposes. I want to look good for Lee. I have always been thin. When Lee and I got married I weighed 128 pounds. I am six feet tall. Yes, I looked like a stick with hair.

Here is one of those stories that make people hate me. As a youth, my brother and I tried to gain weight. We used Bodybuilding Supplements, ate a dozen eggs a day, plus anything else we could. In total, we would eat ten thousand calories per day each. I did this for three months. At the end, I gained two pounds and my brother gained nothing. So that gives you an idea about our metabolism.

Twenty something years later, my metabolism is not as good as it was so to look good I need to exercise and eat rights. I need to think about the Best Supplement for me and the right amount of exercise so that I do not overdo myself. I am also thinking about things like vitamin and testosterone levels. These are all of the things that a man thinks about as he gets older.

Of course, all of this thought process does not work in a bubble. It takes a lot of research to even think about this stuff not to mention actually understand any of it. There is a huge amount of literature out there about the Best Supplements to take for each body type, what to eat for your goals, and how much to exercise. When I say how much to exercise, I mean that they will tell you how many reps to do with what amount of weigh and how many times a week you are supposed to do it.

I like informational websites that have a good mix of product reviews, fitness tips, and, if they sell products, then they are listed out in such a way that I can find the product. I also like all of the info on a product. Give me the technical specs. Tell me what the research says. Cite citations. I love that kind of stuff. It makes it so much easier to have everything on one website and not need to go all over Google to find the information that you need.

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