Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for you. I think that at this point everybody in the United States knows this one. Our five year old knows that smoking is bad and our eight year old can tell you why with specificity that would scare most people into rehab. Not only that but smoking no longer has the cool rep. In some states like California, a smoker could be shunned for smoking in the wrong place. And the smoking section is often so far away that the walk would kill most diehard smokers. Unfortunately, it is not easy to stop smoking. There is a psychological component that is more important than the physical dependency.

There are certain situations when a smoker wants to have something in their hand. They want the feel of a cigarette between their fingers. They need the pause in a conversation as they take a drag from their cigarette. These are habits that are very hard to break. They are also habits that do not need to be broken.

Electric Cigarettes are not just a fancy toy for smokers. Electric cigarettes could very well be the solution to problems with both smokers and those people living with smokers. Smokers are banished to a small outdoor smoking den, away from family and friends. With an electric cigarette, which is only water vapor and does not produce tar or other harmful smoke, you can literally be welcomed back into your home without missing the nicotine. And for those wishing to quit smoking, electric cigarettes come with varying degrees of nicotine until all that is left is the habit of holding the cigarette.

A person can rid themselves of all of the bad stuff that causes illness while still keeping the social habits that they have become accustom. How nice is that?

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