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You know what they say, “the bigger the kid the more expensive the toy.” The new and improved video game or the new wireless headphones are not necessarily friendly on the budget. So, we decided to start selling some of our collectibles and old tech on eBay. We had sold several items previously on eBay and these are some things we learned.

Here are some great tips on selling on eBay:

1. Use descriptive Language– Make sure the customer can imagine exactly what they will be buying.

2. Research the item for previous pricing– In our case, we are selling collectibles and they tend to be priced according to the market. We priced our recent item after seeing how a previous seller sold theirs.

3. Be punctual– Seller confidence is key on eBay. The more you sell and the better you are with being timely and accommodating to your customers, the more customers and bids you will get in the future. Trust is key in selling.

4. Don’t Fret! – In an auction, buyers tend to wait until the last minute. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying!

At first, it seemed daunting thinking of how we would photograph and list each item. However, with eBay’s Mobile App, selling is as easy as taking a photo with your phone. In fact, we were able to list an item from photo to payments in 12 minutes all with our phone! We had listed items previously on eBay but this was the first time using the app and what we learned is that the new mobile app makes listing on eBay incredibly easy.  So our 5th tip would be.

5.  Download the App– You do everything from your phone, including getting notifications of bids and questions. This makes it so easy!

With eBay Mobile App you can be selling in no time!

We were hired to write this post by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay. All opinions are ours.

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