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It’s Christmas time and if I have learned anything in my life is that the only way you survive and enjoy the holidays is being organized. Planning menus, making lists and doing things in a timely fashion is the only way to be able to be available to deck the halls and fa la la la la. This is why I am so excited to be writing again about eBay Holiday Gift Guide. I was able to select gifts for my entire family in under 15 minutes! And with their free shipping on 1000s of products, shopping on-line has never been easier!

Let me show you what I found:

For Paul: My husband has an issue with his wallet. He saves everything in it and it is bursting at the seams. He would probably do better with a murse but this lovely Tommy Hilfiger Billfold will hopefully inspire him to get rid of some stuff.


For Alex: My nephew is almost 28 but still thinks he is 11. He even has a Danger Room with all his comic books and “cool stuff”. However, it is so easy to shop for this guy. Yes, an action figure.

For my nieces: My tween nieces would love a pair of Chuck Taylors (they have every design and size)!


My boys: All they really want is a Nintendo 3DS.


My daughter: No matter the age, a girl always wants jewelry. A pair of earrings would be perfect my daughter who seems to have a problem keeping both in her ears.

Me: Yes, I can shop for myself too! This isn’t a gift. It’s a necessity. A very cool necessity! (I may or may not have a luggage addiction.)


Nephew: If you have a son or nephew, you know that the coolest thing right now is Skylanders. Nuff said!


Sons and Nephew (Dads and Uncles): Nothing gets men more excited on Christmas morning than putting together a Hot Wheels set for their sons. Funny thing is that I never see the sons play with it.

Sons: My son asked me how I knew when they were lying. I told them that I am a trained spy. With this beauty, they can begin their training.


Me and my kids: I have a special thing I do with my children that brings us a lot of joy. I shoot them. (Don’t judge).

With my list I can shop anytime especially with their new mobile app! I even had my kids create their wishlist to share with the family on eBay.

And, here is the best part, if you go right now and create your eBay Holiday Gift List you are entered for a chance to win prizes like something from your list or eBay gift cards.

eBay is making shopping for the holidays easier!

Thanks to Splash Media, on behalf of eBay, for this opportunity. We were compensated for this post but all opinions and gift ideas are ours. Lee still wants the luggage if you are stuck on what to give her.

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