Dreams Of An RV

When we get stressed, Lee and I share an escapist fantasy of getting into the car and driving anywhere. We are both road trip kind of people who love to explore different areas and talk with different people. Even our least favorite place (Oklahoma) has given us years of stories to recount. When we are less stressed, we think about taking the kids on road trips in a RV or campervans. As it turns out, the boys are troopers that really love seeing different places. They especially like trying new foods.

We have eaten buffalo in Oklahoma, beignets in Louisiana, and a Gray’s Papaya hotdog in New York. For us, this is one of the wonders of travelling on the road. Next month we are going to go to a caravan sales convention to look at RV’s. Lee and I are thinking that that might be our retirement plan. We will get the kids into college and get a RV that is big enough for us. We do not need any other room. We like the idea of being the guest but not having any guests.

When we moved from Florida to California, we started to look at RVs. We were a little surprised at how many different types there are. We could go from a pop-up tent on wheels to a multimillion dollar driving mansion. Lee and I are not tent kind of people nor do we like the driving estate, (though I have to admit that the ones with four bedrooms and a gourmet kitchen are pretty spectacular) so we really like the in-between sizes. It is just big enough for the two of us and it is small enough to maneuver in traffic. Remember that the idea of a motor home is that we get to drive it around.

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