Don’t Pee In The Pool

                Summer time in Florida is slightly cooler than summer time in Hell. Not even regular Hell. We’re talking the Hell where Hitler, Sadam Hussein and that nun in second grade ended up and there hourly punishment involves pliers, crazy glue and head cheese. Living in Southern Florida, where we already are under sea level and just waiting for a chunky kid to jump in to the ocean so we can lose all of the Keys, we live around water constantly. Whether your house has a pool, is backed up against a lake or a canal, or even the ocean, respecting the water is essential. Enjoying the water is a just a perk!

                Water safety is no joke and as we have learned in the last few months, some kids learn these skills the easy way and some need special instruction. Two months ago we actually enrolled both of our sons in swim classes. When your parents have the jocular opinion that swimming should be done suddenly and with clothes on, you learn to swim just like soldiers learn to keep their head down during the war. SURVIVAL!

Here are a few water rules to maintain your family healthy and safe this summer:

-Always provide adult supervision when children are playing in or around open water.

-Never assume a child or adult can swim.

-Always model appropriate water behavior (never push people in the pool, Dad).

-Install and maintain a pool fence. (pool alarms are cool too).

-Get certified or recertified in CPR this summer. Hey, do it as a family!

                Our kids love the pool and we are definitely using the pool this summer. Swimming is a fun, healthy way of spending great time with your family. Biggest perk of all? Swimming and fun in the sun is a great way of exhausting the little buggers so you can have some adult time. Then later, Daddy and Mommy can enjoy the pool.

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