Do You Need A Lawyer?

I hope never to need a personal injury attorney in California but you never know when bad things may happen. Injuries can be very serious. When I hurt my back, I went from being a productive member of my family to being useless. At least that is how I thought about myself. I needed a personal injury attorney to help me feel good about myself. I am not saying that everyone needs to become litigious to have self-worth but sometimes this can be very helpful to get back to feeling normal.

I am a strong believer in handling things like an adult. We have a legal system for a reason. It is a set of mores from which we can all abide. These are part of what makes us a civilization. The system is not perfect and there are some people that will try to take advantage of it but generally it works well. We do not live in the Wild West where we need to deal with legal issues by ourselves. We have police, lawyers and judges to facilitate a civilized way to handle issues. When it comes to personal injury, the attorney can help navigate the system and help make you feel less vulnerable in the process.

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