Disney And Sex

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          It’s sexy time on CoupleDumb but on Tuesday, it’s all about the children. And when it comes to kids, we just don’t want to talk about the S word. However, if you look at statistics and TV, kids probably spend more time speculating about sex than we do. It is really sad that children are no longer able to be kids anymore. We are constantly worried about our children growing too fast and yet we keep them in a media soaked incubator of innuendo and images. Let’s tone this down a smidge for the kids, shall we?

          Consider this an open letter to Disney.

          Dear Disney,

          As the parents of three children, we adore you. You have kept our children entertained since they were babies. Our daughter would thump along with Thumper and our sons love Monsters Inc. and we all enjoy watching the Toy Story films. Your films in general are fantastic. Your television is…well… less than. WE have mentioned this on this blog before, your television that airs in the morning is obviously aimed at small children and that is fine. I will point out that most kids tire of it after the age of 2 ½. However, once you move into the afternoon and evening hours, your programming turns into Fox in the 80s; a white washed version of 90210 and Melrose place with a smidge of I Love Lucy. The slapstick is thrown in to throw parents off the meta-messages to most of your shows.

          So Disney, if that’s your real name, when were the little ones supposed to stop watching? The Disney Channel does not put warning on their shows and they are unrated. When are parents supposed to pull the plug? As soon as it becomes live action? That’s the rule of thumb in our house. As soon as Disney puts on real people, it’s time to turn off the TV. This is probably why the ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ is never watched in our home (aside from the fact that they are insipid).

          Teaching our children about sex is our responsibility. Showing our kids sexually charged programming is an affront to everything we thought Disney stood for. We already live in a society that has confused sexuality. Girls are pretty and boys are handsome.  However, on your shows, ‘he is sexy’ or ‘she is hot’. We have made a quantum leap from simple and innocent sexuality to sex and pseudo kiddie porn. I have spoken in the past about what parents allow their children to do and one of them is to use inappropriate language. I am not talking about curse words but words that adults use to describe sexually charged themes. Referring to someone as ‘hot’ is referring to their body and objectification. This objectification comes from the desire to have that person for the purpose of intercourse because that would be ‘hot’.

          Let’s slow down this runaway train! I don’t believe in censorship but I do believe that some things are appropriate for kids and some are not; perhaps a rating system or a simple on air warning would help matters. I have evolved a bit from my parents who took me and my sister to see the Exorcist, in a drive-in back in 1973. I was 7. There were only Saturday morning cartoons for us and if we were lucky, we could pick up some Kimba or Speed Racer on UHF. Today, kids have so many television viewing choices and with choice come responsibilities. Trust me, in my home, we turn the TV off when we see Hannah Montana.   

          Thanks, Lee from CoupleDumb

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